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Scrubs:  Cherokee Luxe

I think one of the things you’re most excited about when you start nursing school is ordering your uniform.  You want to look cute so damn bad, lol!  Then you find out that the school has mandatory scrubs and you will inevitably look like a big ass box.  Womp!

My uniform wasn’t awful-  like the schools that make you wear all white from head to toe down to the shoes (that is a hot, disrespectful mess, lmao)!  We had to wear white tops embroidered with our school’s logo, but you were allowed to choose any brand of hunter green scrub bottoms.  For a tall, slim curvy girl like me, choosing my own bottoms was a win!  So which brand did I choose?

Nursing school, night shift, 2012
My first job, 2012

You guessed it, Cherokee Workwear!  Having been a nurse now for five years, I own many scrub brands, but Cherokee continues to be my most worn for a few, very good reasons:

1. Lots of styles!

That first pair of Cherokees I bought in nursing school were super standard- not the cutest, but functional.  Fast forward and now they have so many different styles!  My #1 favorite style is the Infinity line- style numbers 2624A and 1123A.  My Infinities are soft, flowy, and move with my body (you know we’re always squatting, bending, leaning) so perfectly!  The pants have a left thigh loop for your scissors/hemostats/kelly clamps and a right thigh pocket (with a zipper!) that I use, unzipped, for my saline flushes.  But the most important and essential part of any scrub pant:  A KNIT WAISTBAND!  Listen Linda, you don’t need to see my crack and I for damn sure don’t need to see yours!  The knit waistband keeps it all in check.  What’s missing from these styles?  Nothing!

My #2 favorite style from Cherokee is the Luxe line- style numbers 1845 and 1066.  The fabric on the Luxe line is soft and has a subtle sheen to it that looks so luxurious, lol.  What’s missing?  On the shirt I would add a velcro closure to one of the pockets (for your credit cards, money, etc) and there is no knit waistband on the bottoms 🙁

launch 7-2
Scrubs:  Cherokee Infinity | photog: Rachael Davis

2. You can find them, like, anywhere

You can go into almost every scrubwear store and find the Cherokee brand.  Perfect for those times when you need scrubs for Monday… and it’s Friday, lol.

3. They come in TALL, ayyyeeee!

Y’all, I am 5’10.5 so if pants don’t come in tall, what are we even doing here?  Some scrub brands claim a “tall collection” with a 32 inch inseam.  Hahaha, cute! (NOT) With my shape + my height, my inseams have to be at least 34 inches and Cherokee has got me covered!  With most of my Cherokee pants, even in my sneakers (and the air bubbles in my sneakers add at least another inch to my height), my pants still touch the ground.

launch 9-2
Scrubs:  Cherokee Infinity | Photog: Rachael Davis

4.  They’re affordable!

If you’re in school or if you’ve just landed your first job + first apartment + first car, money can be a lil’ tight.  You can get Cherokee scrubs for as low as $13.  All you have to do is skip like three caramel macchiatos to cover that price (I’m talking about myself here, or nah?)

Also, have you seen the Cherokee scrub laundry bags?? Clutch!  I don’t know about y’all, but as soon as I get home from work, I have to strip.  The joke that “every nurse probably has MRSA anyway,” IS NOT FUNNY! Gross!  Throw those clothes in the bag, honey.  Haha!  Anyway, I’m going to try to get better scrub pictures soon, but in the mean time, what’s you guys’ favorite scrub brand???

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Note:  I am a Cherokee Brand Ambassador and this post has been sponsored by Cherokee.  Also important to note:  I purchased Cherokee scrubs with my own money for seven years before receiving any sponsorship.



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  1. Chi-Chi says:

    Hi can you link your scrub favorites in a hyperlink? I’m the same body type and height like you 🙂

    1. 2tae2 says:

      Yup! The links are right here (scroll down to number 3)

  2. I love the Cherokee Work Wear line. Much softer and less boxy than other brands I’ve purchased 🙂

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