Introvert or Extrovert? (+ Italy Pics)

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The Coast of Italy, vacation 2017

Perhaps I took after my Step-Dad or maybe it’s just me being an Aquarius, but I’ve always been an introvert and people can confuse being an introvert with being anti-social.

Introvert 1000%, but don’t get it twisted, I looove hanging out! I love to kick it, I’m opionionated, I love going out to eat, having drinks with my girlfriends, dancing in public, random adventures, trying new things, exploring new places, all of that!  I think, for me, the key difference between introverts and extroverts is that extroverts feed off of  people’s energy. Extroverts feel low when they spend too much time alone.  Introverts, like myself, on the other hand, are said to lose energy by being around people for too long (I feel this on a spiritual level, lbs!) and recharge by spending time alone. It’s like a mental breath of fresh air. I definitely play around with the idea of doing an entire trip solo. It just feels like something I have to do. To choose a place in the world, go there, and just be me! On my own schedule and on my own time. Being free to feel all of my emotions + being  in control of my own time, is what freedom  feels like to me.  The other day my friend Tutu told me:

“You’re already too much…let the world get a dose!”

You never know, you just might see me blogging about solo world travel in 2019! Have any of y’all ever taken a solo trip? How was your experience? Drop a comment below ↓↓

Rome street sightings
Amalfi Coast


The Roman Forum
Looking into the floor of the Colosseum
The Roman Forum featuring ya girl’s Italy tan



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