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About the Founder of 12 Hour Grind:

Hi!  I’m Shantae-  I’m a registered nurse, clinical nurse educator, content curator, natural hair enthusiast, and lifestyle blogger.  I created 12 Hour Grind, LLC, formerly known as HeyTaeMama, as a lifestyle blog in 2018 and a one stop shop for all of the amazing conversations I have with you guys on my Instagram, which you can see here. The very next year, in 2019, I launched my business, Shop 12 Hour Grind, and it has been motivating, humbling, and inspiring.  I thank God every day.

I would love for you to read my first ever blog post, titled The Beginning.  If you are thinking of starting a blog, a youtube channel, a business, or whatever it may be, let me encourage you– get your business plan together and do it now.

Something For Everyone

Over the past couple of years, I have posted blogs on a dozen different topics and I encourage you to navigate to the homepage and scroll through them all (plus, the aesthetic of my homepage is pretty damn cute).  While there is something for everyone, some of the topics on my blog that seem to be the most popular, and may be the very reason that brought you here, so:

So, Who Is This Tae Girl, Anyway?

You want to know more about me? Well, my Instagram captions seem to be everyone’s fave, so…

A compilation (updated):

I’m the kind of woman you’ll find with Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” in her bag, on her way to Trader Joes, playing DaBaby or Lil Wayne’s Drought 3.  I love hanging with my friends + BRUNCH + happy hour 🍸.  My favorite authors are Toni Morrison and James Baldwin. I’m a midwesterner, a trap music feign, and I’m told the way I speak doesn’t match my face.  I believe in diversity…or death. Black Lives Matter. I trip up the same set of stairs every day and I stay running late, but I’ma talk to God about that. I’m so professional at work, but outside of work I’m just a girl from Venice, Illinois.  I don’t believe in jealousy or colorism.  I like pulling out my camera and taking pictures of things; it reminds me of being a little girl in Venice. I’m a nurse because altruism is just a part of me, it’s who I am.  I encourage women to breastfeed, and created @BlackMomsBreastfeed, because health disparities and decreased access to care are shaking this country at its core.  I believe in mental health and that every single human being should have the pleasure, and the responsibility, of spending at least one year with a therapist to heal the wounds of their childhood.  I’m just out here trying to further my career, lose these seven pounds, and manifest my destiny.  Remember, nothing’s perfect, BUT GOD. 

I hope you enjoy the content you find here and if there’s a topic you would like to know more about, follow me on Instagram, email me at help@12HourGrind.com, or shoot me a message here.  Thank y’all for stopping by!

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