Nurses & White Coats

 Lab coat by Medelita // Photography by Hannah Schweiss

So the question is, do registered nurses get to wear white coats???

Yes! In certain roles, they do! At many institutions, APRNs/Nurse Practitioners, nurse/unit directors, nurse managers, assistant nurse managers, clinical nurse leaders, clinical nurse specialists, and clinical educators are all roles in which nurses wear white coats. My main gig is a bedside RN in the NICU. There, we wear sterile scrubs that are distributed by the hospital at the beginning of each shift and then returned at the end of the shift. When I worked on adult units, we wore regular scrubs and were allowed to wear any brand/style we chose as long as they were the hospital appointed colors. In my job as clinical educator- «this is where my white coat comes into play»! I am allowed to wear either:

  • Scrubs + white coat
  • Business casual + white coat
  • or just scrubs depending on the company I’m speaking on behalf of.

«I received my first white coat in nursing school»
The university held a ceremony honoring all of the nursing students whom had successfully completed their first year of nursing school. This was a very proud moment! We were one year down, one to go! (I attended a Master’s level, accelerated, all year round program) My first white coat has my school’s emblem stitched onto the sleeve and to this day I still wear it! You can see photos of me wearing it here and here

My first white coat was very standard, unisex, basic quality…but now

I Got A New White Coat!

My new white coat was gifted by Medelita and it is anything but basic! It’s flattering because it’s contoured for a woman, has a shawl collar, a back belt, is stain and odor repellant, and it’s embroidered with my naaaame– I feel so special, haha!

Photography by Hannah Schweiss
Photography by Hannah Schweiss

According to Medelita’s site: “Our women’s lab coats have the highest possible rating in the industry when tested for strength, soil release, and fluid repellency” and it has 4.8/5 stars in customer reviews. It’s very feminine and I’m 5’10.5 for reference so it’s plenty long. The style I’m wearing is the Emma in a size 6. I like that it’s thick and the pockets are large. They are good for holding your assignment sheets, notepads, or note cards, but my favorite pocket is the inside– good for your phone and cards.  Combine all of that with a full one year warranty, I’ll take it sis!

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This lab coat was sent to me as a gift by Medelita and this is a sponsored post, but Medelita does not dictate my review. Everything I wrote is the truth! 

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