Tae’s Tips

Tae’s Breastfeeding Tips

  1. Before your baby arrives, take a prenatal breastfeeding class and take your partner with you.
  2. Call your insurance provider (both private insurance and states insurances) and ask “What lactation services are covered under my plan? Do you cover double electric breast pumps?  Will you cover visits, in office and at home, with a lactation consultant?”
  3. Breastfeeding is learned.  Neither you nor your baby have done this before, remember?   Give yourself the space and patience to learn.
  4. Partners should not be pushy!  Show them this tip section so they can read this:  Partners should not be pushy!  Be gentle with the new mom and baby; they are doing their best.
  5. Two key predictors of breastfeeding success are self confidence and partner support.  Go into this BELIEVING you can do it.  Ask for help from your doctors and nurses EARLY.  Do not wait until your nipple pain is a 5 out of 10 or more; tell us sooner.  Dads and partners:  just because mom is breastfeeding does not mean you are off the hook and get to sleep through the night- HELL NO!  Get up in the middle of the night, change baby’s diaper,  hand the baby to mom to breastfeed, and then go get her a glass of water.  These small gestures really help.
  6. Use the La Leche League  FAQ for help with positioning and latch, milk supply, engorgement, you name it!



*DISCLAIMER:  Please follow the advice of your real life OB/GYNs and pediatricians.  Do not read information online and on blogs and use it as medical advice without first consulting with your providers.  Anything you read here, give your provider a call and say “Hi, I came across some information online that said blank, but what do you think is best for me and my baby?”