Not ‘Just’ A Nurse


You’re not “just” a nurse, you’re not the low man on the totem pole, and you certainly don’t just hand out ice water all day. If you work in healthcare, you know: patients wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for nurses. You are the ones who catch the mistake in an order, who perform CPR on a patient with no heartbeat, who notice the moment a patient suddenly declines or when a patient “just isn’t acting right.” It takes a toll– physically, mentally, emotionally– and few are tough enough to do what we do.

Orders placed 8/4 onward will ship within 2-6 weeks.

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  • Orders placed 8/4 onward will ship within 2-6 weeks.
  • 1 hard enamel pin with high polished yellow gold plating. Comes with 1 gold metal spring-loaded locking for extra securement. Youtube tutorial on how to use these lockings can be found here.
  • Measurement: 1 inch diameter
  • Primary color is a light gray/blue with yellow gold lettering. Please see photos on Instagram here
  • Pin will come in the exact shape of the design above. Pins are small so they can be worn on your work badge, or anywhere you’d like, without appearing gaudy
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