My Home Is My Peace

My Home is My Peace and Keeping it Clean is a Priority

This post has been sponsored by Lysol® and Lysol Germ-Cast™

Ensuring that my home is a place of peace is so important to me. Having a peaceful home for me means a home in which love and respect are shared, through both actions and words every single day, and where laughter flows easily.  It means a clean home, a saged home, and a healthy home. We keep our home healthy by keeping ourselves healthy, mentally and physically through meditation, therapy, exercise, being conscious of what we eat and drink, cleaning our hands, and by continuing to social distance and wear our masks. Obviously as a nurse, I take the COVID-19 Coronavirus very seriously. Since the start of this pandemic, more than 450,000 Americans have died as a result of COVID-19.  And while cases are trending down, we are still very much in the middle of this pandemic and we have to remain diligent.

To help protect myself and those around me, this year I am also using Lysol’s new Germ-Cast App. Lysol Germ-Cast™ is a free app provides current, up to date information and illness levels at my fingertips.  Lysol Germ-Cast™ provides daily, county-level flu and COVID-19 incidence levels, illness-prevention information, and even product tips from Lysol. The entire goal of the app is to help us stay informed and protect ourselves and those we love from getting sick and spreading  illness-causing germs.

Germ-Cast is very easy to use! To use the Lysol Germ-Cast™ app, first download it in your App Store.  Lysol Germ-Cast™ is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Second, either turn your location services on or simply search by city. As soon as you search by city, the current COVID-19 and flu rates in your area will come right up, along with tips and tricks on how to help keep you protected. To show you how the Lysol Germ-Cast™ app works, I took the below screenshots on my iPhone directly from the app


Recent COVID-19 Incidence in Chicago Cook County via Lysol Germ-Cast™ App

Current Flu Incidence in Chicago Cook County via Lysol Germ-Cast™ App

Then I compared COVID-19 Incidence in Chicago to COVID-19 Incidence in Washington, DC and St. Louis

As a Nurse, I am a Disinfectant Queen…

…So, I am particularly interested in The Lysol Germ-Cast™ Tips Feature:

To show you how the Lysol Germ-Cast™ tips feature looks, I took the below screenshots on my iPhone directly from the app.

If you know me, then you know I take having a clean house very seriously, lol. I find that having a clean, disinfected home serves not only my mental health, but also my physical health, by helping to keep harmful germs at bay. What I’ve learned from the Lysol Germ-Cast™ app is that now is not the time to ease up on disinfecting, mask wearing, hand washing, or staying informed. I will continue to do my part to help keep myself, and anyone who comes into contact with me, protected.

This post has been sponsored by Lysol and Lysol Germ-Cast™.


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