The Best Gifts I’ve Received as an Influencer

AKA: The Stuff I Would Spend My Own Money On


As a Social Media Influencer, it’s no secret, yes you receive payment for product promotions, huge discounts, and lots of free gifts.

Over the last five years I have received lots of things from shoes to security cameras, jewelry, hotel stays, scrubs, furniture, helicopter rides, concerts and more. I mean, the best gift an Influencer receives is CASH, but other than that I have some personal favorites lol. Some of the gifts I’ve received have been ehh and others I still use and love to this day. Those are the gifts I’m sharing today–  my top 10 Influencer gifts (and Christmas gift ideas for you and yours)!

Let’s get to it. My top 10 Favorite Influencer Gifts:

*In no particular order

  1.  Lull Mattress

  2. Home Fragrance Diffuser by ScentAir

  3. Aire Ancient Bath House

  4. Briogeo Brand Hair Products

  5. Bra by True & Co

  6. Hello Fresh Meal Kits

  7. Two Flower Girls Bouquet of Roses

  8. Daniel Wellington Watches

  9. Hotel Stays

  10. Free FOOD!

// Lull Mattress

It’s literally perfect and yes its a mattress in a box. I have a king size and I would say it is medium when it comes to softness. We don’t have a single complaint and it’s been a year and a half.

// Home Fragrance Diffuser

I got rid of 99%  of my plug-ins and switched to a home fragrance diffuser. I am obsessed! The one I use is by a brand called ScentAir. My diffuser from ScentAir was gifted to me, but since then I have continued to order their scent refills every 60 days with, yes. my own money. I love ScentAir THAT much. The ScentAir diffuser has a fan that propels the sent throughout your entire space. It is not meant for one small space like a bedroom, it propels an invisible fragrance across large areas such as a kitchen and living area.  This fragrance diffuser also has a timer that is completely customizable. For example, during work hours, my diffuser is off, and everyday at 4pm it is set to automatically turn on and begin releasing fragrance. I have programmed my diffuser to auto shut off  each night at 10pm.  The one thing I wish is that this diffuser came in different colors- it really does not match my aesthetic at all, but that’s the only con.

// Aire Ancient Bath House

Now this! This place is a complete EXPERIENCE! When you go into Aire, it feels like you just transported to an entirely differently world- it is so surreal. I felt like a royal Egyptian queen.  It’s sexy, clean, relaxing and invigorating all at once. I did the Ancient Thermal Bath Experience with 45 minute massage. No joke, I would go here every week if I had it like that! (And no, they don’t actually bathe you, lol! Read details here.)

// Briogeo Brand Hair Products

Love love! I use the “Don’t Despair, Repair” line (a staple deep conditioner for me)  and the Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil. Clean and Black owned.

// Comfy Lounge Bras by True & Co

I wish I had one of these bras for every day of quarantine.  It feels like you’re not wearing anything at all. The True Body Lift Scoop bra feels like butter and matches my aesthetic 🙂 I know everyone is all about the free the tittie movement, but my boobs are heavy, okay? When your breasts are large and heavy, you need at least a little support during the day.  I wear a 32E in True & Co True Body Lift Scoop bra (color: bronzed). It is the perfect lounging/working from home bra.

// Meal Kits by Hello Fresh

Can I snap my fingers and have a Hello Fresh meal kit for every night of the week? It makes dinner soooo easy! The Hello Fresh meal kit includes all of the ingredients for an entire meal + everything is premeasured.  I am very busy and running back and forth to the grocery store is the last thing I feel like doing. As a wife, nurse, graduate school student, social media influencer, and type A organizer, I don’t like to waste my time.  Hello Fresh gave me my time back.  Seriously. The convenience of hassle-free dinners is now my love language.

// Two Flower Girls Jumbo Bouquet of Roses

These were the most beautiful roses I’ve ever received. I highly recommend the Chicago brand “Two Flower Girls”- high quality flowers and amazing customer service. Buy some for yourself or for someone else- birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, Christmas, or just because- great for any occasion.

// Daniel Wellington Watches

It’s been almost two years since Daniel Wellington sent me and Bae our matching watches and we still wear them every week. Definitely a staple jewelry piece.

// Hotel Stays

Top 3: The Viceroy Chicago, Radisson Blu Aqua Chicago,  and Kimpton Palomar DC. I have a highlight called “Heat” on my Instagram that shows some of my hotel stays.

// Free FOOD!

#1: Tao Chicago.


My Husband’s Picks:

I asked my Husband which of my collaborations has he loved the most and he said:

  1. Our mattress by Lull (see! I told you!) and
  2. The Hello Fresh meal kits.

Unfortunately, lol, I wasn’t paid or sent any more free gifts to write this, I just wanted to genuinely share with ya’ll. I hope you enjoyed! Also, let me just say that content creation and product promotion is veryyy time consuming. If you are an aspiring influencer, make sure you are being fairly compensated for your time. Do your homework and google is your friend!

So, who are you shopping for this holiday season? Yourself or someone else? I’m most likely shopping for myself. #JustSerious

For more gift ideas, you can check out my 2019 Holiday Gift Guide.  Meanwhile, I’m manifesting an all expenses paid vacation for 2021. (I deserve it!)


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