Happy Nurses Week 2020! (24 Discounts Actually Worth Reading)

Teeny tiny footprint was gifted to me years ago by a patient’s mom. I’ll never forget that sweet family!

Every year we celebrate National Nurses Week May 6th through 12th and this year Nurses Week feels more important than ever. Here’s to the life savers, the sacrificers, the ACTUAL heroes. I hope you make some time for yourself this week. Relax, breathe, eat, drink water, have a coffee, recharge.

24 Nurses Week Discounts Actually Worth Reading

I searched the innanets and comprised a list of discounts that are actually worth using. The items highlighted in green are my personal favorites. If you know of any other good discounts or if I missed any, please be kind and leave them in the comments below to share with your colleagues! The following discounts apply to nurses with a valid ID:

  1. Krispy Kreme: On May 11, get a free dozen donuts
  2. Chipotle: Free burritos starting May 6
  3. Hilton Hotels: Nurses can book a room at any Hilton Hotel FOR FREE through May 31st
  4. Nando’s: Free takeout
  5. Corner Bakery: Free coffee through May 8
  6. Starbucks: free tall brewed coffee (this does not apply to macchiatos, lattes, fraps, etc.)
  7. Sweetgreen: Nurses and hospital workers can get free salads and bowls for delivery or pickup 
  8. Adidas: 40% off purchases at Adidas.com
  9. Nike: Get a 20% off discount at Nike.com
  10. North Face: 50% off!
  11. Under Armour: 40% off
  12. Jaannu: 25% off scrubs
  13. Cinnabon: Grab a free cinnamon roll May 6-12th!
  14. BP/Amoco Gas Stations: Get a one time discount code for 50 cents off per gallon
  15. AT&T: Nurses can get three months of free wireless service if you sign up for FirstNet
  16. Verb Energy Bars: Text 415-915-8372 to have a free order of energy bars shipped to you. (These are actually really good!)
  17. Mrs. Fields: 25% off the Heroes Cookie Collection with code NURSES through May 31st
  18. BJ’s Wholesale: Free four-month Inner Circle membership
  19. Costco: Nurses who are Costco members are allowed to move to the front of any line; and nurses who join get a free $30 Costco gift card
  20. Bojangles: Nurses can get a Bojangles’ Legendary Iced Tea
  21. Ergobaby: 20% off for nurses
  22. Office Depot and OfficeMax: Members of the National Student Nurses’ Association get up to 75% off their online purchase
  23. Showtime: After a 7-day free trial, nurses get 50% off the first three months of their subscription
  24. Yeti: 20% off for nurses and first responders

Celebrate YOU

Usually our hospitals give us free cafeteria food for a day (*hard eye roll*) or a pencil or if you’re lucky, maybe even a water bottle or a pizza. So, I stopped depending on institutions to impress me a long time ago and I started impressing myself. Every Nurses Week I treat my damn self and I suggest you do the same! You’ve eaRNed it!

Celebrate US

Ask a nurse in your life for his or her Cash App and go ahead and bless ’em! 😉

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