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image 2Chicago: the “Second City,” the city where I spent my childhood summers, the first city where I lived on my own as an “adult,” the city that made me a nurse, and also the city that has made me poor with parking tickets.

And yes, sadly, Summer is over. It’s really gone.

The city of Chicago welcomed me back so graciously and I spent my summer working per diem, making memories with my man, having drinks with my girls, visiting my family, and being fed for free as I hopped around the neighborhoods of Chicago. So, if you’re visiting Chi (which you definitely should) or if you live here and are looking for some spots to check out, I’ve got you covered:

  • Jeni’s Ice Creams
  • Bounce Sporting Club
  • Chop Shop
  • Streeterville Social
  • Chicago Helicopter Experience
  • Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel
  • Dine Machine
  • Wndr Museum

 Jeni’s Ice Creams

You can find a line around the block all Summer to get into Jeni’s Ice Creams. There are 7 locations around the city and they all pop! Jeni’s has like 24 flavors and I’ve been four times and their ice cream never has that “freezer” taste. Jeni’s does not use any artificial flavorings or dyes, plus they hand make their own waffle cones. Definitely a Summer time favorite! Bonus: They even deliver pints of their signature flavors via DoorDash!


Top to bottom: gooey butter cake, strawberry buttermilk, and honey vanilla bean

Bounce Sporting Club

Bounce is a high-end sports bar with indoor and outdoor seating on their rooftop. I went for Happy Hour, but they also have a very popular Sunday party brunch and specials on Mondays and Thursdays all football season!

Chop Shop

Chop Shop is a restaurant and bar in Wicker Park. They have their own butcher on site and they also have a rooftop. Oh and psst, they have $1 oysters and half off bottles of wine on Wednesdays 🙂


Baked french toast \\ Lobster benedict

Streeterville Social

Out of all the times I’ve been to Streeterville’s Rooftop, I have yet to try their bourbon infused marshmallows– tragic! And now they’re closed for the season! *cries real tears* When Summer rolls back around, you have to make a stop at Streeterville

Photo via Instagram || @streetervillesocial
This was my husband’s food. I’m still trying to figure out why does everything he orders look so much better than mine!

Chicago Helicopter Experience

Quite possibly my #1 most favorite thing I did in Chicago this summer! I loved CHE so much that I want to do it again…like TOMORROW! I would love to do one more day time tour and I also want to try the night time tour. This is a must for everyone! The views were so incredible that I can’t even believe I took these photos myself– they look unreal! Every single person I worked with at CHE was so nice and professional and we felt completely safe during the entire experience.

High above in the helicopter overlooking downtown Chicago and the Chicago River. You can also see Navy Pier and the Ferris wheel at the bottom of the photo.


What a beauty you are, Chi-City

Radisson Blu Aqua

Incredible architecture || photo belongs to

If you are visiting Chicago, The Radisson Blu Aqua has a perfect location. It’s downtown and close to all of the major Chi-Town spots. Plus, it is so pretty! The decor truly looks like that of a museum; it’s gorgeous. The details are impressive. There’s a rooftop pool, gym, a private full running/walking track that goes around the property (also outdoors and on the roof), annnnd they have their own Starbucks.

We stayed in the Ambassador Suite. This suite had a fully furnished living room, a separate bedroom, its own balcony, a large bathroom with a bidet, and free breakfast in the morning.  Thank you, Radisson!

IMG_6040 2
Kissing my boo outside of the Radisson Blu
IMG_6662 2
A true Chi-Town welcome
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IMG_6747 2
The lobby was beautiful
IMG_6757 2
Filini, the hotel restaurant

Dine Machine

Dine Machine is the experience every girl needs. Go with Bae for date night, have a drink on a Friday, or go with the girls for Sunday brunch. A restaurant with a literally perfect aesthetic, interactive drinks, and a florist. You really can’t lose.IMG_6850

Blueberry, lemon pancakes \\ Shrimp and grits


IMG_6903 2
The prettiest hostess stand I’ve ever seen.
Leaving Dine Machine with Bae happy and full.

Wndr Museum

Chicago’s Wndr Museum is almost 100% interactive. It’s inspiring and goal focused and its exhibits encourage you to be you, unapologetically. Not to mention, the entire museum is filled with photo ops! Definitely worth a stop by.IMG_6335

They have you write your next big goal down on a piece of paper, claim it,  and send it up to the “universe.”
One of the interactive exhibits at Wndr | Photo from the @wndrmuseum Instagram and belongs to @highoffkierraa
Photo from the @wndrmuseum Instagram and belongs to @aj_battad
MESSAGE at the Wndr Museum


Chi-City,  Summer ’19 only made me love you more.

Xo, Tae


Each business in this post gave me free services in exchange for a review on my blog.

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  1. Shantae says:

    I love Chicago!

  2. gabiamblog says:

    Hey TaeMama! Chicago has been on my list of places to visit for a few years now. These spots look super cute but I looooooove the aesthetics of Dine Machine…I wanna be there like yesterday 🙃 I wish we had more places like this in MS. Thank you for the suggestions!

  3. Hey Tae!
    I feel like I’ve seen Chicago through your feeds because I follow you on Instagram . I love how you have created a balance between working as a nurse and living life to the fullest. Fun looks great on you. Keep living it up!

  4. Janee says:

    Despite the negative attention our city gets, it’s definitely a beautiful place to live. You captured beautiful pictures!! You must have the IPhone 11 cause babyyy my IPhone X could never lol or maybe I ain’t hitting the right angles

  5. Lia says:

    Hey TaeMama!

    Thank you for sharing this in your blog. As a new grad nurse, it is refreshing as well as a reminder to see a nurse who is not only dedicated to her job and accomplishing goals within your career but ALSO living your best life outside of work with your loved ones. I love to see a good work + life balance. You display this organically! After witnessing how wonderful your experience was…Chicago is on my bucket list !

  6. Bola Ayeni says:

    I was born and raised in Chicago. I miss the food the most because nothing compares to it!

  7. Tylicia Grant says:

    As a future nurse I’m truly inspired by and I’ve followed for a couple years now… I didn’t realize I wanted to do nursing until I was 24 I’m 28 lol yes I know I’m still a baby! but as single woman living on her own coming straight from the Midwest To New Jersey has put me on hold but very determined! I’m still in my prerequisites and I work in a nursing home and hospital as CNA/Patient tech and I love it. I’ve learned to stop beating myself up and just taking it easy on myself. And, I’m also practicing self love! I at h you and your stories everyday and I’m always truly expired by you and your confidence ❤️

  8. Roslyn Moyd says:

    Which hotel would you recommend if visiting Chicago? And do you think taking a Uber would be the safest route to getting around?

    1. Tae says:

      Check out the Radisson up above. I always Uber around the city when I’m alone running errands or when I just want to shop

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