Compression Socks For Nurses

Yes, I wear compression socks!


You’re probably thinking only old people wear compression socks, right? Or, “I’m a nurse, but I’m young, I don’t need to worry about varicose veins so I don’t need compressions socks.” WRONG.

Compression socks: special socks that help decrease swelling, increase circulation, and help prevent DVT (deep vein thrombosis or a blood clot) from forming in the leg. Compression socks are the kind of socks that gently squeeze your legs to keep blood from sitting and pooling. They’re not just for old people!

From Mayo Clinic:

“Compression stockings steadily squeeze your legs, helping your veins and leg muscles move blood more efficiently.”

Specifically for nurses, or any profession where you are standing on your feet for several hours at a time (hair stylists, teachers, etc.), compression socks do help to decrease your chances of getting varicose veins and decrease pain in your legs and feet.

Me at work charting at my WOW. I wear compression socks every shift.

I started wearing compression socks about two years ago, after I had already been a nurse for five years. In those first five years, I didn’t really give compressions socks much thought because, I thought like a lot of nurses, “I’m too young, I don’t need those yet.” But, honestly, I wish I had started wearing them right out the gate! They really do make my legs feel better.

I have tried a few different brands when it comes to compression socks– some that claimed to be compression socks, but really just felt like regular socks, providing no compression whatsoever; some that costs too much; and some that slid down my leg before I had even finished report. The most reliable compression socks that I own are by Tommie Copper. A couple of years ago, Tommie Copper (TC) sent me a couple of pair to try and they’ve been my favorite ever since. 

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On their site, Tommie Copper offers details on the benefits of wearing compression socks and they aren’t limited to just being worn to work. They are also good for runners and good for your legs on long flights for those who like to travel.  TC socks are snug, but not too tight, and I think they are pretty stylish as far as compression socks go. I own three pair of TC socks- one for each of my three shifts. The ones I wear are the “Performance Compression Over The Calf Socks” and I have them in white, black, and navy. They have cushion under the toes and the heel, they are contoured for your feet, marked “right” and “left,” and they never slide down (←major key!).


Do you wear compression socks? If you try out Tommie Copper, please let me know what you think!




This post has been sponsored by Tommie Copper Inc.



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  1. Chi-Chi says:

    I love compression socks. I wear them every single shift. Back when I was in clinical I wore them too. I’m so glad I did. My friends who didn’t wear them always complain their legs hurt lol.

    1. Harps says:

      Hi! I’m a nursing student, and I’ve heard a lot about compression socks from the nurses on my unit. I have yet to buy a pair, as I’ve been unsure what would be a good fit for me, but definitely going to look into the ones you mentioned! Thanks for the tip 🙂

  2. Shontele Clements says:

    I love compression socks for my long shifts in a warehouse also.

  3. Aldina Raul says:

    Lord knows everyone was looking at me funny for wearing compression socks, but every time I removed them after work it didn’t feel like I was on my feet for 12 hours. Absolutely love them!

  4. Angelica says:

    I’m going to have to try this brand. I just started wearing compression socks about a month ago, Like you, I too thought that I didn’t need to wear them. But working in triage primarily sitting most of the day had my legs super swollen from lack of movement so I now wear them everyday and get up and move more throughout my day. They are actually really comfy and I notice a huge difference in my legs now.

  5. Cierra Chesnut says:

    I love how well compression socks work especially during those love 12 hour nights! I have never tried this brand but I’ll have to give them a try!

  6. Tasha says:

    I didn’t want to believe the hype about compression socks. But I wore them during my clinical and it made such a difference!! Being on your feet all day is no joke!!

  7. Amani says:

    I had the same thoughts that I was too young for varicose veins, luckily my preceptor ser my straight. I have some from amazon that mostly get the job done, but they always slide down!

  8. Melinda Q says:

    I was actually looking on amazon for some. I was contemplating if it was really necessary but after reading this it is a MUST.

  9. Janell Bell says:

    I’ve been following you since I got accepted into my BSN program and I have to say you are such an inspiration to me as a young black aspiring NICU nurse from Chicago. I love how real you keep it on instagram and its very heartwarming for me to see!! They are not many out there like us. Keep doing you!! 💕

  10. I wore compression socks for my first 10 hour clinical and my feet weren’t hurting at the end! My legs weren’t tired at all. They’re awesome!!

  11. Adrienne says:

    I think I’m still in the stage of “I’m too young, I don’t need compression socks” but after reading this, I’d be willing to try! Love your website!

  12. Ellen says:

    I’m just starting nursing school, so I’m going to get myself a few pairs of compression socks.

  13. Shante says:

    I love compressions socks. My mom bought some when I first graduated nursing school and now I never work a shift without them. Great article.

  14. Taylor Baker says:

    I need to invest in some compression socks for my 12 hour clinical rotations. Thank you for this post!

  15. Cyn Johnson says:

    I’m going to have to try the Tommie Copper compression socks. I swear by compression socks as a nurse on our feet all day. I even wear them for long road trips and flights. When you get accustom to wearing them and then work a shift without them I don’t know about anyone else but I can feel the difference.

  16. Nia says:

    I’m going to have to try this! I’m a new pediatric ER nurse any and everything helps ❤️

  17. Mellonee Edgeston says:

    I’ve never wore compression socks before.

  18. Tia Blake says:

    Hey 👋🏽 I love compression socks I started wearing them while in nursing school. They really make a big difference.

  19. Diamond L. says:

    I was a server for years & I should have been wearing compression socks. 🧦 Now that I’ll be in the field of nursing, I’ll be sure to make them a necessity!

  20. Kandiss J. says:

    Ive been nursing 5 years and have never worn compression socks. I dont have any pain, but i have noticed some small varicose veins.😳 Will definitely be purchasing compression socks asap to prevent more!

  21. Jessica Scott says:

    I’m glad someone finally made a post/blog about this. I started wearing compression stockings about 7 years ago after a flight from LA to Miami and the elevation difference caused my legs to swell up. Now I wear them on every flight and every shift in the hospital.

  22. Jackie Stiff says:

    I started out my nursing career wearing them. The pair I had would get so tight on my legs at the end of my shift I would end up rolling them down to my ankles. Defeating the purpose right??? I may have to check this brand out.

    1. Tae says:

      I have had zero issues with them! Worth the buy for sure

  23. Kia says:

    I love my compression socks!!! A must for nurses.

  24. Brittney Harrison says:

    I wear compression every shift I work! They make working 12 hours on your feet a bit more comfortable for me !

  25. Brittany Lattimore says:

    Yes ma’am I wear compression socks! I will admit when I work a short shift, I don’t always wear them but for my 12-hour shifts, I def have them on! I use the “Nabee” socks brand! So comfy, and I like the designs I got from them. Plus I love the story of the founder & CEO Brian Park, RN of how he came on the decision of these while working a Nurse night shift! 💪🏽

    I’ll have to try the Tommie Copper brand and get back to ya on it!

  26. Emily Wise says:

    I’ve actually never worn compression socks, mostly because I was intimidated by the sizing…well I have started to notice varicose veins 😳 now so I have to try them so I can hopefully prevent any more from developing!! Thank you for the recommendation!

  27. Briana B. says:

    These socks really are a lifesaver! I wore them after I had my baby and the swelling in my feet went down tremendously! I honestly didn’t think they worked until then.

  28. Kayla Jackson says:

    Just started wearing compression socks for travel they are the best❤️❤️ loved this article very Informative definitely going to start wearing them at work I’m a PCA on a med surg floor and also a nursing student they will be very needed .

  29. Ambree says:

    I absolutely love that there are so many prints in compression socks to make them not look like your an ‘old person’. I wear them now and appreciate to benefit they will have on my legs.

  30. Angela says:

    I love my compression socks! I only currently have 3 pair, and keep them in rotation. They work wonders and the cute prints always help to get through a tough shift.

  31. Jazymine Latham says:

    I’m in my 3rd semester of nursing school and I’ve been wearing compression socks since day one! I love them! Even when I start working as a nurse, I will be wearing them everyday. I love the different designs that they have out now. I’ve ordered a lot of them from Amazon

  32. Briana says:

    Love your content

  33. Souadou Diallo says:

    I didn’t start wearing compression socks until about a year and a half of being a nurse but I’m sooo glad to be wearing them now. I even wear them on long flights and encourage others to wear them too. Better safe than sorry!

  34. Tianna says:

    I am a new nursing student so I haven’t had the opportunity to wear any yet. Come January I will be starting my first clinical rotation! I’ve heard all about the importance of them though!

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