Scrubs Style: My Top 2 Brands

Nurses work 8 to 12 hour shifts and for any nurse the shift essentials are probably: comfortable, high quality scrubs, good tennis shoes (read: sneakers), compression socks, a water bottle, and a great pen. I’ve purchased and been gifted dozens of scrubs, some that I only wear every now and then and some that I wear every single week- my “staples”

What I look for when choosing scrubs:

  • very soft, lightweight fabric
  • scrub bottoms that have a drawstring on the waistband
  • bottoms with back pockets, which is where I keep my report sheets
  • thigh pockets for my saline flushes
  • scrub tops with at least one pocket
  • hidden pockets and pockets with zippers are a plus

I’ve listed the style names and/or numbers of my favorites down below, just for y’all 🙂

(click the titles below to be taken directly to the company sites // City photos are by Hannah Schweiss, flat lay photos are by me)

Infinity Scrubs by Cherokee

The Most Reliable

Hands down my #1! Cherokee scrubs are the scrubs I’ve owned the longest (my very first pair as a nursing student) and the scrubs I wear the most often. They are the first scrub brand, that I could find, that really catered to my needs– a girl with long legs. I’m a 5’10.5 woman with an hourglass shape, Okurrr?! Lol jk!

Photographed downtown Chicago by Hannah Schweiss Photography

My favorites:

  • Tops: #2624A and #CK623A
  • Bottoms: #1123A and the joggers #CK110A
  • Jacket: #CK370A
Badge loop
Shirt pockets
Bottoms with loop on the hip
Thigh pocket with zipper
Comes in petite, regular, and tall sizes

Arya Collection by Jaanuu

The Most Versatile

[Use code TAE20 for 20% off your order.] I feel like Jaanuu’s style choices are just ENDLESS. Jaanuu gives me an athlesiure vibe and I love how they blend practicality with style.

Hannah Schweiss Photography
Hannah Schweiss Photography
Hannah Schweiss Photography

My favorites:

  • Tops: Dash half zip top and Shift v-neck top
  • Bottoms: Charge cargo drawcord pant and #J95039 aka the Skinny Pant
  • Jacket: #C94014


Bottoms \\ Brand name etched into the end of the drawstring
Detail on pant legs

And for those chilly night shifts:

Patagonia Women’s Better Sweater 


On the go as a Clinical Nurse Educator with my in-service cart and my Patagonia. Pins on the jacket can be purchased here.

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I am a Brand Ambassador for Cherokee Uniforms and Jaanuu Medical Apparel– both companies have sent me these scrubs complimentary. 


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  1. Makisha Germain says:

    Heyyy! So glad you made this post as a nursing student graduating in December that has zero scrubs, figuring out what scrubs look the best and most importantly feel the best is good to know! I’ve had an eye out for figs scrubs for a while now so I can’t wait to try this style you posted. I also follow both of the other brands as well on Instagram so I’m excited to shop! Loveeee your informative blog post keep them coming please!!

  2. Brittany says:

    Yes ma’am! I am all for a “TALL” in scrubs pants it almost a MUST! Also, I’m digging the high waist joggers I’ve been seeing especially for all of the bending down I do for my Pediatric pants! Cherokee/Dickies just about satisfy me anytime I need a tall! Cute scrubs Tae! 😍

  3. I’m definitely going to have to try those Cherokee Infinity Scrubs , they look sooo comfortable, functional and cute! I need all the pockets I can get in the ICU.

    Thanks for this review!

  4. Rachel Robins says:

    Ohhh I def have to try that Patagonia sweatshirt!!!

  5. Taylor Bell says:

    Hey! I’m glad you put your fav’s up! We currently wear Cherokee for my nursing program and I love the fit. Thanks for making this! I’ll have to check out the other two brands. I love to anything I can feel comfortable in, especially on the floor. ♥️

  6. Angela says:

    Cherokee are my absolute fav scrubs as well! They are super comfortable and flattering.

  7. Secoya McGowan says:

    I love this post. I am a tall, slim woman so finding the right scrubs can be a hassle. Through out nursing school I only wore Cherokee scrubs and I love them. I’m currently searching for my first nursing job and can’t wait to try Jaanuu and Figs brands (using your discount code of course).

  8. Tianna says:

    Always need a scrub that fits properly and caters to body types! I’m also an hour glass shape okurrr! 💁🏽‍♀️

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