New Hair, Who Dis?

/Pictures of my new hair color + scroll down for a flaxseed gel pictorial/

I did it! Like I really colored it, lol. The last time I colored my hair was in 2016, I highlighted it extremely conservatively. I had been afraid to do anything bolder…until now! I needed a change, I felt like my hair was so boring and I wanted to be SPICY! So thanks to a recommendation from a friend, Elle, I made an appointment. At the first appointment, when I asked the stylist what she would rate the health of my hair on a scale of 0-10, she said she would give my hair a 9/10 healthy rating. I was so tickled to know my hair was healthy and that I had at least been doing something right, lol!  So, with a clean bill of health, I felt brave and was like let’s do this!

I was very adamant about NOT WANTING MY HAIR TO END UP BLONDE, LOL! I asked for caramel brown. We lightened my hair in a two-step process (spread out over three weeks) to make sure we were careful and gentle with my hair. I tried to get pics at different times of the day + with different lighting because it looks pretty different depending on the light. (And even more pics of the hair color if you click here!)

New hair color on a flexirod set, before I separated and fluffed:

⇓and after I separated and fluffed⇓





Photos taken directly in front of a window:img_0201

Photos taken away from window:

I love it! My hair is so much more interesting to look at! But now,  because of the color, my hair care regimen has to be ON POINT. There can be no missed trims, missed deep conditionings (I’ve added two new deep conditioners), or missed protein treatments. I have to treat this hair like a newborn baby!

To see these same curls on pre-dyed hair and using this same Flexi method, click here.

Mini Flaxseed Gel Pictorial

I used the same recipe that I mentioned in my previous post and you can get the directions here. I add a teaspoon of organic vitamin E to mine for enrichment and three shakes of organic lavender oil for fragrance (both purchased from Whole Foods along with the flaxseeds).

Check out the next post all about my goals for the new year + more hair pics —>CLICK!

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