6 Things I Never Travel Without

How old were you when you took your first plane ride? I was 18.  Since then, I have flown back and forth across the United States a million times, to Canada, Puerto Rico, France, Italy, Barbados and the list goes on. I have flown on more planes than I can count and I have learned at least three things:

  1. American Airlines is my favorite airline for  international travel
  2. TSA Pre√ is the effing bomb
  3. There are some things that I literally need every day and that I just cannot travel without

6 Things To Never Travel Without

1. My «Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner». It was recommended to me by my friend Sarah and I use it every morning and night with a clean cotton pad.  I would almost rather check a bag than leave this behind!

2. «MAC Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone». I use it every morning because if not, a mf will be greasy as all outdoors!

3. «Chapstick». This should really be listed as number 1 because I would literally rather be late for work than go an entire shift without chapstick. My favorites are Blistex (only the blue container), Burt’s Bees cucumber mint, and Chapstick pink lemonade.

4. To piggyback off of the chapstick, number 4 is the «FENTY LIP GLOSS». Bruh, I’m not trying to be just another bandwagonner claiming Fenty is the bomb…but… IT IS. Rihanna did not play on her makeup line. Both of her glosses, Fenty Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow and Fenty Gloss Bomb in Diamond Milk, are dope. I have them both and my current fave is the Diamond Milk. Sidenote: I bought the Glow shade when her line first came out and it tends to leak around the cap. I bought the Diamond Milk shade in September and I have had no issues with it leaking. The leak could’ve been a fluke or maybe she improved the design of the bottle???

5. «Smart Watch». I feel so naked without my Apple Watch! I know the price can be a major turnoff, but my job actually had a program that made it super affordable!  In conjunction with our insurance provider, my job gave us $100 off the watch and we paid the remainder through paycheck deductions. They marketed it as a “health and wellness initiative,” and we only paid $8 per paycheck! You know eeevvverybody at the hospital bought one, lbs! Seriously though, I love it. I mostly use it fo,r obviously the date and time, the stopwatch, timer, calendar alerts, to make sure I don’t miss any calls when I’m on-call for work…okay forget it- I use it for a lot of things! Check me out wearing the Apple Watch-

6. And lastly, an «oversized sweater». I am always, always cold. It’s, like, a real affliction. I actually stole this sweater ⇓ (from my husband). It’s from Urban Outfitters, circa like 2011 or so?

And of course there are always things like my phone charger, my eyeglasses, and my favorite pants to wear on the plane are Lululemon tights because the side pockets are perfect for my phone and boarding passes (I blogged about these last Spring in this post).

Ciao for now! (In my head I’m never not in Italy)



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  1. Lisa says:

    Oooo i like this girl ima have to try the spray and mac . Keep it up! 😘

    1. 2tae2 says:

      Thanks, Lisa!!

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