The 618 Series

Over the past few weeks, in an effort to make the blog as useful as possible, I’ve been working on a project, titled “The 618 Series.”  This is my lil baby!  The 618 Series is a series of interviews with Registered Nurses designed to give you an inside, uncensored look into real nurse life.

You will have the chance to e-meet nurses from all backgrounds, who work in a variety of specialties from med/surg to cardiac to nurses who work from home full-time.  Many of the Nurses you will meet in The 618 Series are my personal friends.  These Nurses are fierce as hell and I am so glad I get to share their knowledge with you!

The Format:

In each interview, the nurse will be asked to answer the following questions:

  • Tell us the  6  most interesting things about your speciality
  • Next, tell us the  1  thing you wish you had been told as a nursing student
  • And lastly, if you had  8  minutes to speak to the entire world on one issue in healthcare, what would you speak about?

The meaning behind the title for The 618 Series:

 618 is the area code of my home town- the place that made me, me.  Shoutout to Illinois, the St. Louis metropolitan, particularly the East Side, more importantly Madison and Newport, and most of all my hometown- Venice.

«To easily find all of the interviews that are a part of The 618 Series, click here»

The first Nurse up is Julia Eze, FNP.  Julia will be talking all about life as a Nurse Practitioner.  Click here to see what Julia has to say on life as an NP!