Best Work Bags For Women On The Go

Secure the B  A  G!

During Nurses Week I asked y’all what were the best work bag brands and I got a ton of messages!  I narrowed down all of your bag suggestions and chose the Top 3 Most Recommended, which I’m sharing in this post.  First, check out the Top 3, then scroll down to the bottom to see which bag combo I’m currently obsessed with!

   1.  Kate Spade
Kate Spade
Cameron Street Audrey in black | Images belong to


Cameron Street Audrey in tusk

kate spade2

  2.  Tumi

M-Tote Voyageur | Images belong to
 3.  Tory Burch
Robinson Tote in shell pink | Images belong to


Honorable Mention:  DSW’s collection of totes.  Check ’em out here!

I would definitely carry all three of these bags!  My momma has carried the Kate Spade for years and she loves it.  I have never owned anything from Tumi personally, but I have heard it’s a reputable brand.  While I do have a good amount of Tory handbags and shoes, I don’t own any of her totes.  I love Tory Burch though, they treat their customers so well! 

So which bag did I buy?  Well, what had happened was… I didn’t by any! Instead, I repurposed one I already owned!  I realized the problem was not that I *needed* a new bag, it was that I needed organization within my current bags.

My Current Work Bag:  Longchamp Large Le Pliage Tote

I like the Longchamp for work because it is canvas.  As a nurse, my work bag is thrown and/or smooshed into my little bitty hospital locker + placed on hospital floors and countertops.  The problem is that it is just an open space with no pockets and no structure.

The solution:  handbag organizers.  Did you know they make bag organizers?!  Well, they do!  I just googled “bag organizer,” found one I loved, and I literally believe it’s my best purchase of 2018.  It’s so convenient and so smart!  Personally, I frequently switch back and forth between my Longchamp (work bag) and my Neverfull (leisure/everyday carryall bag).  Switching all of my things from one purse to the next was kind of a pain.  Now, with this organizer, all I have to do is grab the handles!

open flat
1. Place your things inside the pockets. This bag organizer opens and lays flat so you are easily able to pack your items (p.s. this organizer doubles as a diaper bag for Moms so it comes with a changing mat, which is what you see rolled up in the center.)
standing up
2.  Fold it up
3.  Place the organizer in your bag! Done!

When you’re ready to switch bags, just grab the handles and slide the organizer out and into your new bag.

The Combo I’m Obsessed With:

Longchamp + Bag Organizer by ToteSavvy.

Bag Secured!


The water bottle/coffee mug pocket is insulated.
ipad pocket
Firm, reinforced flat pocket for your iPad, letters, or mail.
Fyi: Tassel does not come with the bag.  My coworker has the same bag so I added the tassel so we’d know whose was whose 🙂
Bag zips closed easily with ToteSavvy inside.


On the go!

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