Nursing & My First Degree

nurse tae 1080You can call me Shantae, Tae, or just #NurseBae.

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As you know by now, I am an RN (Registered Nurse) and I graduated with my MSN (Master of Science in Nursing).  I have worked as a nurse for five and a half years now, but I didn’t always know I wanted to be a nurse.  I actually wanted to be an Optometrist (an eye doctor), and in college I enrolled in a Pre-Optometry track with a declared major of Community Health/ Health Administration.  Because I was Pre-Optometry, my course load was heavy and filled with bios, chems, anatomies, etc.  Around the time of my junior year I started interning with an optometrist. I figured it would be a good idea to get a feel for the degree I was paying for (#MillennialInDebt, anybody?).  While I loved the doctor and his staff (best coworkers EVER!), the work flow of an optometrist didn’t feel right for me.  I wanted 1.) more variety in my day and 2.) more work-life balance.launch 5.jpg

After doing more research and receiving advice from the optometrists, I started volunteering at the local hospital.  At this point I had two semesters to figure out wtf I was doing.  While volunteering, I was placed on the labor and delivery unit and on my very first day I witnessed a child being born; I witnessed his first cry, his first bath, and the joy on his parents’ face.  But most of all, I witnessed the nurses- they were smart, quick, right by their patients’ sides, and taking no shit!

Right there was where I fell in love with nursing.  After three months of volunteering and acquiring a whole new understanding and respect for what nurses actually do, that was it for me.  I dropped the optometry major, kept the chemistry minor and began a crazy internet search for nursing programs that would fit my unique situation- a college senior whose lost her damn mind!

White Coat Ceremony with the old college cameras, lol. | 2011

To my surprise, there were many programs for non-nurses, who had now, decided they wanted to be nurses.  My MSN specialty was Clinical Nurse Leader and I chose an accelerated face-to-face program (as opposed to online), that remains ranked #1 in the country.  AKA it was hard AF.  By the grace of God, support from my friends and family, my strict Type-A study habits, and both my grandmother’s and mother’s wallets, I repeated no classes, graduated on time with honors, and passed the NCLEX (Nursing Board Exam) on the first try.  Now, proudly, I am:  Shantae, MSN, RN.


Want to know more about my nursing journey and how I chose a school?  Leave a comment here.

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  1. Keondra Brown says:

    Yes. I would love to learn more about your nursing journey and what specialty your in. I read that l&d is where you found your love for nursing is that still the specialty you’re in? I’m currently in nursing school and ultimately I want to be a NICU nurse. Also what were some of your type A study ha it’s because even though I’m getting the hang of it, I could always use more help.

    1. 2tae2 says:

      Hi Keondra!
      I am in the NICU speciality currently. Check this link out!

  2. Donna says:

    I’m a second degree nursing student. As a matter of fact, I have a masters and a whole career as a social worker. But, I’ve always wanted to be a PA or a nurse. So, I’m pursuing nursing in hopes of one day becoming a NP.

    1. 2tae2 says:

      Congratulations and best of luck!

  3. Secret says:

    How did u choose the school.. how long did it take to finish?

    1. Tae says:

      An undergrad classmate told me about the program and then I searched best nursing programs in my state. It was an accelerated program so it took 21 months to finish.

  4. Lauren says:

    Hello your page is very nice and welcoming. I’m currently in school for medical assistant well I just finished but I’ve always love nursing but I’m thinking about just going for the nursing .

  5. Ashley K says:

    Your story is an inspiration. I too, didn’t know I wanted to be nurse at first, and at 30, I have decided to start my journey. It has definitely be a challenge, but worth the journey.

  6. Tianna says:

    My first degree is a Bachelors of Science in Dietetics. I’ve always known that I wanted to be a nurse but was curious about nutritional health as well! I feel it will coincide with nursing a lot as I progress in my program. RDs have to do care plans too and I was able to practice those while pursing my first degree.

  7. Deekora says:

    I would love to know more.

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